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Ford: Galaxy, Mondeo, Focus, S-MAX, C-MAX
Automatic Gearbox PowerShift DCT 450 –
reconditioned transmission supplied and fitted by professionals




Prices starts from 1300£





The growing number of Ford owners are experiencing a wide range of problems with PowerShift gearboxes where usual gearbox service, which is the oil and external filter change, doesn’t bring any improvement.


Our unquestionable experience with these dual clutch gearboxes brought us to the conclusion that only stripping and full gearbox recondition can tackle the problem effectively. Any other ways are just temporary solutions.




We strongly advise against fitting new mechatronic or dual clutch in the gearbox if it was not stripped and inspected by auto gearbox specialist before the problem will reoccur.




New parts for the Powershift gearbox can be quite expensive:


– new Mechatronic DCT 450 auto gearbox starts at £1300


– new Dual Clutch starts at £1300, and the recon one costs £800.


These numbers clearly show that there is no better price to repair the Powershift gearbox in London and Essex area. There is only one workshop in the area that can offer such great price, especially that all our work is guaranteed.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this special offer.




Key facts:


Our prices quoted includes the remanufactured gearbox supplied and fitted.




Everything is included in the price to make your gearbox working perfectly again: remanufactured gearbox, remanufactured dual clutch, new fluid, programming, and fitting.




We offer free of charge diagnostic of your PowerShift auto gearbox problem with 100% accuracy.
OTR Price (On The Road) means that you will receive your vehicle ready to drive, with no “buts”, no tricks, no hidden charges, no excuses.
Price Promise – We promise to match or beat the price you’d pay at our competitors if you do happen to find the same service at a lower price.



The mixture of the simple structure of our business and extensive knowledge combined with our experience enables us to offer unbeatable pricing.




This offer is based on exchange basis which means we have to have your vehicle to offer you this amazing service.




We DO NOT guess what your problem could be, we already know your gearbox problem and we already have the solution.
Please before you decide to use other workshops, make sure whether price quoted is the final one.



All prices are subject to VAT.